AMSTERDAM BLAST EVENTS PRESENTS:  Community Blast: OPEN STAGE! (Psytrance/DJ’s/Electronic)

AMSTERDAM BLAST EVENTS PRESENTS:  Community Blast: OPEN STAGE! (Psytrance/DJ’s/Electronic)

💥 Community Blast: OPEN STAGE 💥


With this new concept we aim to offer an accessible place for all aspects within the
Psychedelic community.Non-commercial spaces are increasingly hard to find in Amsterdam. Every subculture needs
these spaces to survive, let alone thrive. Toekomstmuziek responds to this by offering
emerging artists in subcultures a podium. With Community Blast we join forces with this new
location in creating a breeding ground for Psytrance music and live performances.We aspire to make this an annual event. A place where you can meet and socialize with
like-minded people, discover new artists, learn new skills and have a Blast!

In the selection process for this event we aim to create an interesting and diverse program.
For this debut edition, we will start with downtempo performances with live-instrumental
aspects, and work our way towards the higher BPM covering both Hitech and


[slots available, to apply fill in the form above]
🤖 FORTYFIVE • Live 🇹🇷
🎵 Hitech
🤖 ELOQUENT • Live 🇬🇷
🎵 Hitech/Darkpsy/Experimental
🎵 Hitech
😈 JAN ROS • Dj-Set 🇳🇱
🎵 Darkpsy/Psycore
😈 VETART • Live Debut 🇳🇱
🎵 Darkpsy/Experimental
📣😈 DREAMCORE (DurgaCore&GreenMushie) • Live Debut 🇵🇹
🎵 Darkpsy/Psycore/Experimental
🦇 NAYAJAYAN • Dj-Set 🇨🇭
🎵 Acidforest
IG: @kets_connectedsenses
🧠 SPORE ATTIC • Live 🇳🇴
🎵 Experimental/Freeform
🧠 WEZENTJE • Live Debut 🇳🇱

🎵 Psynoise/Drone/Freeform🗣 IN KETHER • Live 🇳🇱
🎵 Psychill & Throat Singing
🪕 THORNELIUS • Live 🇳🇴
🎵 Psytrance & Electronic String Instruments
📣————————————-Extra info:Live flow & glow performances
Projection Mapping
► Tabula Rasa Creation
IG @tabularasa.creation
► Cosmic Jewellery
► Blast Events Merch
► VetArtFluo Art by Martin Hoffmann
Deco by Amsterdam Blast Events & Tabula Rasa Creation
►Presale Ticket: €8,00
►Door Ticket: €10
►Support Ticket: €15,00*
(*optional ticket for those who wish to give extra support to this initiative. Anyone who can (and wants) to pay a little extra will help us in our continued efforts to build the scene. There will be a small surprise waiting for you 🙏)

Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 17th of December
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam