Amsterdam Burner Pub

Amsterdam Burner Pub

Really proud and happy to host Amsterdam Burner Pub this coming Friday the 19th of August❀️ Amsterdam Burner Pub is a place to meet fellow burners from around Amsterdam and a place for Virgins to get information about Burning Man & regional events like: Nowhere, the Borderland, and of course Where the Sheep Sleep! See you this Friday!πŸ”₯

The summer is full of bigger and smaller burns again, so we’re planning to make this pub a regular event again to keep the Amsterdam community together. Come join us to share about the burn you just went to, or commiserate about the one you couldn’t get a ticket for, or just come if you’re curious what this is all about; we’re inclusive towards new people too!

We found ToekomstMuziek as our new homebase, like us the location is chilled, easygoing, inclusive and supports growth.

No pub without some chilled tunes

This edition we will have two special dj’s
G.A.B.Y. who has played several sets at where the sheep sleep, not only a great dj, but also a very talented producer!
SimonWizART who will be visiting Amsterdam from Munich. As he’s only here for the weekend we shouldn’t miss it!

When our friends stop playing we won’t have to go anywhere as the night program will be sorted out by no strangers to the burn either.

Culminate will have the following for us in store:
21:00 – 22:30 Venus
22:30 – 00:00 Stefnitz
00:00 – 01:30 Inphiknight
01:30 – 03:00 Navid Divana


Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 19th of August 2022
Time: From 18.30 until late
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free