Amsterdam Burning Pub

Amsterdam Burning Pub

Really proud and happy to host Amsterdam Burner Pub this coming Friday the 16th of Septemberโค๏ธ Amsterdam Burner Pub is a place to meet fellow burners from around Amsterdam and a place for Virgins to get information about Burning Man & regional events like: Nowhere, the Borderland, and of course Where the Sheep Sleep! See you Friday!๐Ÿ”ฅ

The summer is full of bigger and smaller burns again, so we’re planning to make this pub a regular event again to keep the Amsterdam community together. Come join us to share about the burn you just went to, or commiserate about the one you couldn’t get a ticket for, or just come if you’re curious what this is all about; we’re inclusive towards new people too!

We found Toekomstmuziek as our new homebase, like us the location is chilled, easygoing, inclusive and supports growth.


Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 16th of September 2022
Time: From 18.00 until late
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free