Amsterdam Burner Pub

Amsterdam Burner Pub

Really proud and happy to host Amsterdam Burner Pub this coming Friday the 22nd of July❤️ Amsterdam Burner Pub is a place to meet fellow burners from around Amsterdam and a place for Virgins to get information about Burning Man & regional events like: Nowhere, the Borderland, and of course Where the Sheep Sleep! See you this Friday!🔥

This Friday with a dashing line-up!!🥳❤️

1700 – 1900 Vinnie the Kid

Vinnie the Kid will give us a mix of minimal and slow disco tunes. Let’s groove into the weekend!


1900 – 2100 Capricious

After spending many years submerged in Europe’s underground party circuit, it seemed a natural progression for C@Pricious to start mixing tracks and producing music of her own.

As her alias suggests, her musical moods can be unpredictable and traverse many sounds.

Founder of the infamous CraCK sessions – an ‘Invite-only’ party series held in mystery locations in and around the Dutch capital – the CraCK sessions showcase an array of talent playing all things House and Techno (and everything in between) to an intimate audience of die-hard party animals.

This year she will be back at the Jungle with a monthly party in the name of Office Collective where she will be tapping into her inner burner with some more chilled out tunes.
To balance it out she will also organise another ADHD, which is her techno baby!


2100 – 2300 Ringo Staline

C.T.Z.N. aka Ringo Staline, is not a communist, despite his appearance, but he does gladly share his mesmerizing sets to his community of adoring anarchists followers.

He discovered techno in a gulag somewhere in Russia, although he claims he’s born and raised in France.
He might even be Belgian, but no one can prove this, except maybe his love of Mayonnaise and Fries.



Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 22nd of July 2022
Time: From 18.30 until late
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free