Everyone on Acid (DJ’s/Electronic)

Everyone on Acid (DJ’s/Electronic)

In March 2018, Kegffnayy decided to bring new creative minds together and released compilation albums on his Everyone On Acid label. The main idea of this label is to build a platform and bring known artists together with new talented producers, releasing albums where the characteristic 303 acid sound is leading.

On this night, Everyone On Acid curated a lineup of artists and close friends of our label. All sets will be b2b sets, and every set will have its own acid energy with a combination of two sick artists. On the 26th of November, from 7 PM till 3 AM, we will go acidEveryone is free to come to Toekomstmuziek!

Line up:

Lennard Ypma & Tactical T >> @lennardypma, @tmvde
Conduct Disorder & Rigson >> @conductdisorderdj@rigson__
DMNK & Floor De Roos >> @dmnk.artdictive@floorderoos.artdictive
Kegffnayy & Hyper Octane >> @kegffnayy@hyper.octane
SAMOH & KETTING >> @samoh0101@ketting_live
CHUNG & CYNKT >> @chung_artefix, @cynkt_music



Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 26th of November
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free