In Concert: Paolo Mazzilli

In Concert: Paolo Mazzilli

At the age of 12 Paolo Mazzilli listened to Vertigo by U2 and that was it for him, since then the only thing he pursues in life was to make music that moves people as much as that song moved him.

Living in Uruguay he was always part of rock bands, but as he grew up he realized that being a solo artist was the only way to take even more gambled risks.

In 2019 he moved to Madrid with the dream of being able to play live in different places thinking “Now this is it! This is my moment!”… but then, Coronavirus happened, and he wasn’t able to go out so he started to learn how to record and produce music in his room.

In 2021 he moved to Amsterdam and after a long wait, because of Corona, he’s now ready to rock!!💛


Entrance is free/donation based. 100% of the donation go to the musicians and 10% of the bar- and kitchen revenue. Hope to see you this Thursday the 15th of Of September!❤️

Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 15th of September
Time: 21.00h
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free/donation based