TM presents: De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

TM presents: De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

TM Presents:
De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

With this Friday again some cooool bands & DJ’s!!!🔥😊

At 17.00h – We kick off the Friday with sunshine (hopefully:-p), craft beer, natural wine, Asian Crispy Chicken & disco & funky house!!🔥 Grooove yourself into the weekend, it’s time to chill, relax and dance to beats that will definitely make you move!❤️🔥

At 20.00h – Kontury will take you on a beautiful musical journey!! Kontury stands for outlining the inner world of
musicians, bringing the thoughts, emotions and stories into reality through the music. The band combines intimate, introverted singer-songwriter melodies
with groovy r’n’b rhythms, elaborate jazz chord progressions and raw, energetic guitar riffs. In 2021 band won an audience award in “Maastricht jazz awards”
competition.  Their sound in essence rock, however with a heart of soul & overflowing with emotion. Beautiful real songs that will definitely touch you in the core of your being.

22.00h – Closing – It’s time for the night program with (Ware)House Madness by Rave organisation & DJ Collective De Boswachters❤️🔥 –

Expect a raw and eclectic mix of minimal, techhouse, deephouse, deeptech, melodic techno and techno, oeeeehhh!! Deeeep basslines, vocals, harmonies, thumping beats will bring you into higher atmospheres and take you deeper and deeper into the night!!!!🔥❤️ 😘

Hannecart –
Banglasesh –
Undefined Behaviour –

🌸Entrance = Free

Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29
Entrance: Free