TM presents: De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

TM presents: De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

TM Presents:
De Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️

With this Friday again some cooool bands & DJ’s!!!🔥😊

At 20.00h LinkedOut will blast their way onto the stage!! Their sound in essence rock, however with a heart of soul & overflowing with emotion. Beautiful real songs that will definitely touch you in the core of your being.

22.00h Then it’s time for Brian’s Garage!! 🔥 Brian’s Garage is a The Hague-infused blues-rock band with little pretenses but a lot of passion. Starting out in Brian’s Garage (where else?) this four-headed band, consisting of Richie Elia on vocals, Julian Schaffer on guitar, Anthony Villerius on drums, and Wijnand Bijdevier on bass, is dedicated to bringing old-school guitar sounds back into the scene. Take a little ACDC, some Al Green, sprinkle it with Wilson Pickett, and a dash of Led Zeppelin and you got these four idiots. Don’t think about it, just groove with it❤️🔥

23.00h Vinnie de Kid opens the night program this Vrijdagmiddag Borrel❤️ with funky, grooooovy beats!!!🔥🥳 His style an eclectic mix of Disco, Italo, House, Electro & so much more, oeehhh. Can’t wait!!

0.00h DJ Omit takes over raises the roof!!!🎉💯 Disco, Funky house, Italo & Tech House baaaby!! Put on your dancing shoes and dance to highhhh BPM!!!🔥

1.30h Bizar M takes us further into the night!! Hard Melodic Techno and Techno grooves and beats will definitely make you want to close your eyes and take off!!!🔥 🎉

Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29
Entrance: Free