“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase (every Thursday)

“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase (every Thursday)

WE LIVE FOR LIVE brings you the finest from the local music scene. Punk, rock, psychedelic or indie, we keep the line up fresh every week.

All ticket proceeds go directly to the bands!❤️


19.30h: Doors open

20.00h: SOL POWER – Sol Power are a four-piece from Amsterdam crafting high-energy, unpredictable pop songs with little regard for the 90s Americana of their capital-dwelling peers. Combining a humorous take on disdain and alienation with a generous helping of hook and harmony, the foursome of Taymir and Max Meser alumni have a firm grasp on their goal of breaking the mold.

21.00h: DIRTEY CLASSY – Uit de diepste krochten van de Watergraafsmeer klinken snerpende gitaren en pompende grooves. Deze energieke rockband laat je springen, dansen en feesten. Ouderwetse rockriffs met moderne invloeden vullen de zaal. Het is hun eerste optreden van het jaar, dus haal je voetjes van de vloer want Dirtey Classy ligt op de loer.

22.00h: THE MOSFETS – Originally starting as Keith Mosfet who took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole catalog of music from 2019 – 2021. However, soon after moving to The Netherlands the solo act evolved into a band and renamed themselves to The Mosfets. The group consists of internationals Fay Christen & Maarten Dinkelberg from The Netherlands, Ilari Oinonen from Finland, and Canadian Keith Moffat. They will be releasing singles and a full length throughout 2023. They are also fortunate enough to be working with famous Finnish comic artist Pertti Jarla on their album art.

Hope to see you Thursday!❤️

Food: Snacks!
Time: From 19.30 until 1.00h
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Paid – Ticketlink