A Team of Passionate music lovers

Wow, thanks for reading this and being part of the journey and community! Our idea was to just start somewhere and hope that a community of both music lovers, as well as musicians would start to exist and grow. So, to see it grow is such an amazing thing to witness! Music is so important for every person from an emotional perspective and being able to see, feel and hear it “live” an experience that enriches. With starting this concept, we wanted to do things differently, focusing on making everybody, the musician, DJ, band, visitor, team part of the venue, experience and, perhaps better said, the community & movement.

In this day and age in which the world is becoming ever more business-like and perhaps even cold, it’s so important for all of us to have the feeling that we’re part of something and to understand that together we are stronger, can really make an impact and make change happen. Our mission is to create a safe environment, place and platform for people to connect with each other, not “although”, but “because” they have different backgrounds and stories and we’re hoping that through vulnerability and openness instead of ego and competitiveness we can help make the independent, underground music industry more sustainable for the artists who put so much of themselves into it while making experiencing live music accessible for everybody.