Decadance (Electronic/DJ’s)

Decadance (Electronic/DJ’s)

We’re really thrilled to bring you back at our favorite western bay! Guilford based @hermanmusic_ is flying straight from London to Amsterdam, bringing some broken crossbreeds and futuristic rhythms on the dance floor. Tom already got released under Berlin based and Bristol born @banoffeepiesrecords, and his track “Sol” has been remixed by dutch queen @zoharzohar_. With this being said no one less than the great @julia_mira_ could be our choice for the closing set. The Estonian talent was playing b2b with @kbmilligan1 under the Nest during last summer’s @dkmntl Selectors in Tisno, and we can’t wait to hear what she got for us. Until 21 entrance is free and Tuscany born @gropina_ is warming up the space with a balearic mix signed @paesaggi_records, while delicious Indonesian food is being served on the terrace to spice you up before our beloved residents @clonico_music and @aka.hyoo are taking over the decks.

Expect an eclectic blend of rolling disco, acid house and techno breaks.

Our aim is to create a safe dance floor, without any kind of discrimination, harrasment or abuse. Please do not hesitate to contact us @decadence_amsterdam or @toekomstmuziek.venue privately to report any unwanted attitude, meanwhile drink water and behave yourself.



Food: Yes!! We have a kitchen as well with very nice Indonesian Toko Food!:-p)
Date: 3rd of September 2022
Time: From 18.00 – 3.00h
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: 7,-