SNEAKOUT x Club Transmission (Live Showcase/Electronic/(Performance) Art)

SNEAKOUT x Club Transmission (Live Showcase/Electronic/(Performance) Art)

Following our big sexy sell-out debut event at Cinetol, SNEAKOUT is BACK on the 31st of March!!! (No no, this is not a drill) To make things even more exciting, we’re throwing this event at the big boi venue Toekomstmuziek. The people asked for more, so we’re are giving YOU, the people:

MORE bands
MORE performances
MORE rooms
MORE tattoos
MORE tooth gems
MORE very nice art
MORE merchandise to buy and show off to your friends
MORE delicious food
MORE space to be queer and HOT (temperature wise)
MORE space to be HOT and queer (vibe wise)

However, we thought that you still need more, so we decided to do so by doing a big JUICY collab with the one and only… CLUB TRANSMISSION.
So there you have it.. CLUB SNEAKMISSION-  the love child of two unstoppable forces of nature.

What else can we say? Just make sure you buy your tickets on time!!!!!


21:00-21.45 – RÊVERIE ( @reverienow
22.40- 23:10: ELMER (30 mins)  @elmermuziek
23.25- 00:00 NAT BED: (35 mins) @Natbedband
00:00 – 03:00 / DJ by Club Transmission (line up TBA)


RÊVERIE is singer/guitarist Sara-Devika Matyus, bassist Anna Lilith Weber and drummer Stein Petit. They are an energetic and powerful three piece all girl-‘rock’ band, with pop, hip hop and ambient influences – and a strong emotional and visual side to accompany it.

They are strongly into experimenting and making sure they make something that sounds and looks new. The songs are written by Sara Devika Matyus, the singer and guitar player of the band who also produces most tracks. For inspiration she has often mentioned her years struggling and experiences with mental health, dreams, visions, healing, synesthesia, hyperphantasia and more.


Nat Bed wants to make you wet. If Mars had a soccer team, this music would be playing in their clubhouse. With their unhinged mashups of pop songs they bring you a post-game pump up filled with riffs that hula hoop your hips and beats so tight you rip straight out of your space suit.

Weird, catchy, but above all. Nat.


Sommigen zeggen dat Elmer het alter-ego is van producer en rapper Merel Pauw. Anderen zeggen dat Elmer de verloren zoon (of dochter, wat jij wil) is van hele gezellige sekte. Nog weer anderen zeggen dat Elmer dit door diens agentschap had moeten laten schrijven waarop Elmer dan weer zegt dat die hun bek moeten houden en zich niet overal mee moeten bemoeien.

English translation:

Elmer is a world famous rapper from Amsterdam where he (or she, whatever you feel like) smokes weed and rides their bicycle into the sunset.


Club Transmission is a DIY party that organizes queer club nights, centered around creating safer dance floors for the queer community. Where you can be who you wanna be, how you wanna be it, and with who you wanna be! With an open space for experimentation, we aim to find DJs of all levels and music genres to come and play during our nights and transmit their unique energy to the crowd and get everybody sweatin’. We are continuously growing as a collective and working to include voices and spaces for BIPOC, QUEER & TRANS people.

We have an absolute zero fucking tolerance policy for racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, ableism and all the ism’s and other phobia’s. Shortly said, don’t be a fucking dickhead and treat people with respect and love.

Follow us on instagram ( @club.transmission

Ticket price
15 euros (Amsterdam Alternative)


Date: 31st of March
Time: 20.30 – 3.00h
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: Paid >> Tickets