“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase ((almost) every Thursday)

“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase ((almost) every Thursday)

LIVE 4 LIVE brings you the finest from the local music scene. Punk, rock, psychedelic or indie, we keep the line up fresh every week.

@zusterzonnebloem is a personification of the cultural revolution of the ‘70s in the modern world. Unmistakeable passion and chemistry are channeled through music by this psychedelic rock formation, that entices you to experience a revived nostalgia.

@thetailbones debut with their first album Laws of Men. It would be too easy to categorise this band as roots or blues. Although the Delta Sound is central, you hear styles such as freak folk, swamp rock, country funk, swing, gospel and cumbia. Led by a frontman reminiscent of Tom Waits and Howlin’ Wolf, backed by a fantastic gang of guitars, drums and percussion (including the illustrious and gigantic Moon Drum).

@_gatesofkiev_ is a band founded by childhood friends Tomas Mesman and Hessel Braat, driven by a shared passion for boundary-pushing psychedelic and progressive rock from the 60s and 70s. Inspired by iconic bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd, they’ve added their own modern twist to these influences, resulting in a unique and surrealistic rock experience. The live set is performed by the two using blistering organs and hyperactive drums.

@yanlaleyan explores the depths of psychedelic soundscapes. Led by captivating (English/Turkish) vocals, the band fuses a lot of traditional influences and cultures. Their live performance takes the audience on a journey to otherworldly realms. Their most recent single “Into the Blue” dropped last month.

100% of ticket sales will go to the bands. Hope to see you Thursday!❤️

Doors 20:00 🤝
Tickets: €8 Presale / €10 at the door 🧠
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam

@toekomstmuziek.venue 🍄