“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase ((almost) every Thursday)

“We Live For Live!” – Band Showcase ((almost) every Thursday)

This Thursday night Toekomstmuziek presents: “We Live For Live!” Band Night!!🔥❤️🥁🎸🎺🎼🎹🪗🎸🎷

During “We Live for Live!”, every Thursday, 3 or 4 live acts get showcased at our venue at Danzigerbocht 29, in the Houthavens in Amsterdam🔥 During these nights we combine different music genres and styles of live acts to really create an eclectic explosion and celebration of music as a whole!!!🔥 Our goal is to really come together, not although, but because we all have different backgrounds❤️. Life, music, art, love is for sharing so let’s come together to enjoy beautiful music live in an intimate setting🔥☺️

LIVE 4 LIVE brings you the finest from the local music scene. Punk, rock, psychedelic or indie, we keep the line up fresh every week.

@palificomusic is an Amsterdam-based four piece focused on danceable grooves and gritty breakdowns. Their post-punk yet dreamy sound draws inspiration from bands like the War on Drugs to Gang of Four and beyond, creating atmospheric post-rock tones with a tight indie finish.

@roykingband stands for loud, bright, colorful and a bit irritating – in short: neon. With influences of punk, pop, grunge and rock, Røyking constantly challenges itself onstage. The band embraces everyday inspiration and emphasizes that not everything has to have a message.

@misprint_muziekgroep seeks out the beauty of the everyday – sun in the front yard, party in the backyard, a nap on the couch. The Dutch-language indie band mixes fresh sing-along choruses with a touch of melancholy. The Nijmegen foursome performed at the Valkhof Festival and Misty Fields, among others, and is currently working on their debut album MONOBLOC, about the white plastic garden chair.

With a melodramatic gaze on the past, present, and future, @boycry_band creates dreamy shoegaze/post-punk that tries to articulate the loneliness of the digital era. They are the last bit of stability in a future where nothing is real. This is done with a healthy dose of irony, cynicism, synthesizers, and catchy melodies.

100% of ticket sales will go to the bands. Hope to see you Thursday!❤️

Time: From 20.00 until 23.00
Location: Toekomstmuziek, Danzigerbocht 29, Amsterdam
Entrance: €8,- presale / €10,- door sale >> Ticketed